Return Policy

Exchange and return policy

The return and exchange process is done with great ease through us because we work by all means to ensure the comfort of all users and provide them with an excellent and enjoyable experience.
The customer has the right to request an exchange or return of the products or goods he purchased from the store in some cases, such as:
  • If you receive the wrong product or item or the item is not as described as stated by the merchant in our store.
  • If you receive a damaged product.
  • If you find that the product or item you purchased is not the size or weight stated on it.
  • If you find a defect in the manufacturing quality of the purchased product.
  • If the products or goods violate the standard specifications, the Market store is responsible for the costs of returning the shipment to the source

Shipment return mechanism

  • A return request is submitted by the customer service employee or through the website
  • Issuing a prepaid return policy within 48 working hours and delivering it to the customer
  • The customer must go to the nearest branch within a maximum period of 2 days from receiving the return policy

Not needing the product and wanting to return it

If you do not need the product and want to return it and receive the amount, several conditions must be met..

  1. The return request must be submitted within a period not exceeding 24 hours from the time the product is received.
  2. The product must be in the same condition as received in the original packaging, without its accessories being damaged or their numbers or codes removed or used.
  3. The customer bears the cost of delivery or shipping, and when the product reaches us, the amount is returned to the customer, less the value of the previous shipping
  4. If the customer does not receive the shipment after 14 working days of sending it, the shipping company will return the shipment to the source. The customer will then bear the cost of a new shipment if he wishes to have the order shipped to him again. He can also cancel the order and the amount will be returned to him without shipping fees.
  5. If the shipping is free and the customer does not receive the order from the shipping company and wants to refund the value of the products, then the customer is required to pay the shipping cost and the rest of the amount will be returned.
  6. If the order status is (executed, being delivered, shipped, being shipped, in progress), canceling the order may incur additional costs, including the cost of the shipping value if a special policy is issued for the order.

Estimated time for refund

  • The estimated time for returning the refund amount after receiving the order by the carrier company and ensuring its integrity
  • The order amount will be returned to the same card used within a maximum period of 48 hours